Over 70 years ago, in the southern city of Matara, Sri Lanka, a household brand name was born. Harischandra. 

As with most successful businesses, Harischandra Mills started small. Mr C.A Harischandra began by supplying his neighborhood with daily essentials such as rice flour, kurakkan flour and coconut oil. Today, we offer a wide range of food products and soaps all across Sri Lanka.

Over time, we have earned the respect and appreciation of our customers. The Harischandra name is synonymous with good, wholesome food and as a result, enjoys an indisputable leadership in the market.


Many things have changed, but we have not. If it’s from Harischandra, you can be sure it’s all natural, nutritious food. 

Traditional Sri Lankan food made the age-old way; with love, care and the finest of ingredients. For over 7 decades, Harischandra has been renowned for its coffee, noodles, papadam, pickles, spices, gingelly rolls, soaps and more.